Visions for Greenlandic agriculture - strategies for agricultural development until 2015

The great challenges facing the agricultural sector create the need for a concerted effort to secure growth opportunities for agribusiness that reflect consumers' requirements for products from the industry and, in the widest possible sense, harmonize with other objectives for society's development.

These challenges need to be met in close cooperation with the sector itself, working hand-in-hand with Savaatillit Peqatigiit Suleqatigiissut (SPS) and the Agricultural Council.

Key focus areas:
- Providing better incentive structures for the sector's practitioners to achieve an improved utilization
   of the resources and capacities of both public and private investment in the agricultural sector.
- Streamlining administrative procedures and rules, for example, by making government agencies more flexible,
   applying enhanced IT solutions in the public sector and loosening regulations on the agricultural sector
   to a relevant extent.
- Launching targeted initiatives for innovations and product development, which also foster cooperation
   between SPS and other organizations and companies in the industry, including ongoing professional
   development of Agricultural Consulting Services.
- Securing consulting and administrative proficiency, including more intensive efforts to develop
   professionalism through enhanced focus on the education and continuing education of practitioners
   in the sector.

You can learn more about Greenland's current agricultural policy in
"Landbrugspolitiske redeg°relse 2007" (in Danish, PDF, 270 KB)
from the Department of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture.