SPS - Savaatillit Peqatigiiffiit Suleqatigiissut
        - The Cooperative Sheep Farmers' Associations

SPS is the main Greenlandic agricultural organization representing farmers' interests.

SPS has an administrative office in the House of Agriculture, with a full-time administrative position. The administrator assists the association's members and works to defend their interests, in cooperation with the chairman and the board of directors. Important tasks include annual price negotiations with the slaughterhouse, communicating with the public authorities concerning political initiatives, and the annual general meeting, along with the joint animal feed purchase.

Originally, sheep farmers were organized in smaller associations that were in charge of the joint task of rounding up the sheep.
The Cooperative Sheep Farmers' Associations were founded in 1951 during a meeting in the town of Alluitsup Paa, and since then they have served as the leading representative and professional body in Greenlandic agriculture. SPS handles all areas in Greenlandic agriculture, although sheep farming is the most important area of operation. The majority of Greenlandic farmers are members of SPS.

SPS - Savaatillit Peqatigiiffiit Suleqatigiissut
Anders Olsensvej B-1348
PO Box 229
3920 Qaqortoq

The Board of SPS

Chairman: Lars Nielsen
phone: 19 92 07, mobile: 49 28 56, e-mail: larsmakkak@gmail.com

Deputy chairman: Siiku Bjerge
phone: 19 92 32, mobile: 29 49 58, e-mail: siikubjerge@gmail.com

Secretary: Magnus Hansen
phone: 19 92 19, mobile: 26 61 00, e-mail: tasilikulooq2204@gmail.com

Treasurer: Elna Jensen
phone: 19 92 20, mobile: 49 73 77, e-mail: elnajensen77@gmail.com

Member of the board: Andala Lund
phone: 19 92 05, mobile: 28 34 24, e-mail: qorlortukasik@gmail.com