Welcome to the homepage for Greenlandic agriculture and the Agricultural Consulting Services!

On this website you will find important information on agriculture in Greenland - in three different languages.

The homepage contains general facts on Greenlandic agriculture, the Upernaviarsuk agricultural research and training center, and information on services and the following institutions:

  • The Agricultural Consulting Services
  • The district veterinarian
  • SPS consultants - the Cooperative Sheep Farmers' Associations
  • Our house was built in 1919 as the living quarters and offices of the agricultural consultant, or "Sheep Farming Board" as it was called in colonial days. It was used for this purpose until 1968. From 1968 until 2003, the building served as an office and living quarters for the veterinarian supervisor of the Danish Ministry of Agriculture.

    The position of veterinarian supervisor was discontinued in 2003, and the building is no longer used as a living quarters.

    There is a large garden near the offices with demonstration plantings and small-scale sales of garden plants, primarily bushes and trees.